Prague Žižkov

Private Tour

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Duration: 2.5h

Meeting point:

Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, metro J. z Podebrad

Meeting point can be changed to your needs.


Discover the true face of Prague on an exciting tour of Žižkov, the city’s most alternative quarter!

Meet me at the entrance of the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, a fascinating example of the 20th century architecture. Then follow me under the giant Žižkov TV tower to be amazed by one of the most controversial projects of the communist Prague.

Go down hill to admire the biggest historical cemetery in town and go up again to explore Parukařka, one of the most picturesque local parks with a breathtaking view.

Then climb Vitkov – the main hill of Žižkov and a reminder of Prague’s totalitarian past. On our way up we will pass by little-known gardens, hidden churches, underground bars and intriguing works of modern art.

Finish the tour walking through an unusual underground passage which will take us to the metro station Křižíkova, two stations away from the Old Town.

Offer Highlights

– Discover the most alternative quarter of prague

– Explore areas little-known even by locals

– Be intrigued by interesting art, history and architecture

What’s the plan?

J. z Poděbrad SquareChurch of the most sacred heart of our Lord
Mahlerovy SadyŽižkov TV Tower
Škroupa SquareŠkroupa Square
Olšanské SquareOlšanské cemetery
Holy Cross HillHoly Cross Hill
Havliček SquareBehtlehem Chapel
Propop SquareSculpture of J. Hašek
Vitkov HillVitkov Hill
Křižíkova Metro StationFinal stop