Ciudad Nueva de Praga

Private Tour

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Duración: 2,5h

Punto de encuentro:

Plaza de Wenceslao - el monumento de San Wenceslao

El punto de encuentro se puede discutir.


Acompáñanos en un paseo de 2,5 horas por la histórica y artística Ciudad Nueva de Praga.

Meet me by the “Horse” at Wenceslas Square and learn more about this fascinating place and dramatic events which happened there in the 20th century. Have a relaxing walk surrounded by pearls of such architectural styles as Neo-Renaissance, Art-Nouveau or Socialist Realism.

Pass through a hidden Baroque garden and little known passages and feel amazed by the controversial modern art and unusual technical landmarks. See some of the most amazing examples of Czech cubism, unique in the entire world, and move on to the biggest square in the Czech Republic to admire the medieval New Town Hall with its terrifying history.

Then stroll towards the riverside of Vltava to discover the fabulous Dancing House and get to know the brilliant ideas behind it. The tour ends by the National Theatre, 5-10 minutes away from Charles Bridge.

Puntos destacados:

– Discover the history and architecture of Wenceslas Square

– Admire the Church of Our Lady of the Snow and the Franciscan Garden

– Visit the Lucerna Palace, Diamond House, New Town Hall and Dancing House

– Stroll around the Charles Square and off the beaten path

¿Cuál es el plan?
Plaza de WenceslaoHistoria de la Plaza de Wenceslao
Plaza de WenceslaoArquitectura de la Plaza de Wenceslao
Plaza de JungmannIglesia de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves
Plaza de JungmannCubist Lantern
Jardín FranciscanoVisita en un jardín barroco escondido
Palacio de LucernaEl cine más antiguo de praga
Lazarska Street
Plaza de CarlosHistory of the New Town Hall
Plaza de CarlosBiggest historical square in Prague
Casa DanzanteMasterpiece of Deconstructivism by Frank Gehry
Teatro NacionalParada final